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05.10.2017, Article

Progress in the Implementation of PSD2 in Finland

12.09.2017, Article

10th edition of a practical cross-border insight into competition litigation work.

07.09.2017, Article

D&I Dispute Resolution Alert (in Finnish): Käräjäoikeus linjasi JHT-tilintarkastajan tarkastusvastuuta

01.08.2017, Article

2nd edition of a practical cross-border insight into outsourcing.

21.06.2017, Article

The National Implementation of the GDPR in Finland Takes the First Step

19.06.2017, Article

Getting the Deal Through - Labour & Employment is aimed at all employment and labour law practitioners, including lawyers working in the public and private sectors and those working in-house and in private legal practice.

15.06.2017, Article

D&I Competition and Life Sciences & Healthcare Alert (in English): Temporary Obligation to Notify Concentrations to the FCCA on Social and Health Care Sector

15.06.2017, Article

D&I Competition and Life Sciences & Healthcare Alert (in Finnish): Sote-toimialalle väliaikainen velvollisuus ilmoittaa yrityskaupat KKV:lle

01.06.2017, Article

Tietosuoja-asetus aiheuttaa pitkiä ja vaikeita oikeudenkäyntejä

23.05.2017, Article

Update on the Reform of Anti-Money Laundering Legislation

16.05.2017, Article

A practical cross-border insight into data protection law

12.05.2017, Article

Government Publishes Proposal on Patient's Freedom of Choice

12.05.2017, Article

Julkisiin hankintoihin osallistuminen edellyttää rikosrekisteriotteiden käsittelemistä yrityksissä

09.05.2017, Article

The Legal 500 & The In-House Lawyer Comparative Legal Guide Finland: Employment & Labour Law country-specific Q&A provides an overview to employment and labour law in Finland.

It will cover termination of employment, procedures, protection for workers, compensation as well as insight and opinion on the most common difficulties employers face and any upcoming legal changes planned.

26.04.2017, Article

Further Guidance on GDPR Published by the EU Data Protection Regulators

25.04.2017, Article

In Finland, standard court litigation and commercial arbitration are the main methods for resolving commercial disputes. This article provides a broad overview of common issues in dispute resolution in Finland.

21.04.2017, Article

The Central Tax Board Rules on Interest Deductions for Private Equity Structures
A recent decision by the Central Tax Board demonstrates that for purposes of the balance sheet test exemption the consolidation shall be made at the fund level.

14.03.2017, Article

FSA imposes maximum fine for violation of investor protection rules

On 7 March 2017, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority ("FSA") fined four investment service providers for violation of investor protection rules. The biggest fine was EUR 1 million which is the maximum amount that can be imposed by the FSA.

07.03.2017, Article

A practical cross-border insight into mergers and acquisitions

20.01.2017, Article

Debt Push Down Allowed, Supreme Administrative Court Says

09.01.2017, Article

The Finnish Pension Reform has entered into force –
Will the pension liabilities increase in your company?