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D&I:n Intellectual Property Fights -webinaarisarjamme ensimmäisessä osassa on tarjolla rautaisannos ajankohtaistietoutta markkinaoikeuden, KHO:n ja KKO:n hiljattain käsittelemistä IPR-riidoista. Suuntaamme myös katseemme IPR-riitojen ratkaisuun keskeisesti vaikuttaviin kehityssuuntiin ja ilmiöihin:

  • Ajankohtaiskatsaus IPR-riitoihin – mitä uutta opimme?
  • Uutta patenttiriidoissa: UPC tulee, oletko valmis?
  • IPR-riitoihin vaikuttavat tulevaisuuden trendit

Puhujina ovat D&I:n Partner Helen Lehto, Partner Juli Mansnérus, Senior Associate Charlotta Bonsdorff ja Associate Saara Heinonen.

Tervetuloa mukaan!

Jos et ole saanut kutsua tilaisuuteen ja haluaisit osallistua, voit olla yhteydessä: [email protected]

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When foreign investment is concerned and disputes involving the host state begin to arise, the relevant paperwork for a company to review is not only their own contracts, but also any relevant treaties.

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As part of the EU’s aim to create a stronger European Health Union, the European Commission (“Commission”) published a Pharmaceutical Strategy for the EU (“Strategy”) in November 2020. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several shortcomings in the EU’s current pharmaceutical system and showed the vulnerability of global supply chains. The Commission now plans to review and revise the EU’s general legislation on medicines for human use to ensure “a future-proof and crisis-resistant medicines regulatory system”. Simultaneously, the Member States of the EU, such as Finland, are dealing with some severe challenges with the economic sustainability of their healthcare systems. We are now facing a true challenge – how to boost the pharmaceutical sector’s global competitiveness and create a regulatory environment, which is attractive for innovation and investment in an economically sustainable way?

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