It’s all about people and thinking cross-border

D&I Quarterly Q1/2016

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18 Feb


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There’s much talk these days about technology beating lawyers, but insightful advice is still always rendered by people. The best advice is given by talented people with knowledge and experience, working with passion as a member of a team or in a network. The advice is likely to be even better, if the team works well, if its members share the same passion, the same values and a common culture.At the same time, people on the other side of the table are often the root cause of the challenges we face in our work. So the question becomes, how to find an insightful person, in a team or network, with the right values that can influence other people.In 2015 our clients turned to us for insightful advice more than ever before. At the same time, we turned to our networks for support in rendering advice as the challenges increasingly extended beyond our national borders.

Nowadays, our services are rendered on a regional basis or in an international context; we support our clients in structuring their businesses so that everything runs smoothly from an operative, regulatory and tax perspective; we assist our clients in the sale or acquisition of businesses covering multiple jurisdictions; and we represent our clients in cross-border disputes.

The Lawyer shortlisted D&I for Leading Law Firm 2016 – The Nordics together with six other law firms from the Nordic countries. We were the only firm with one single office and with no offices outside our country. At the same time Mergermarket ranked us fourth among all law firms with a presence in the Nordics in Nordic M&A deal value in 2015.

This goes to show how we’ve managed to bring added value to our clients also in matters that cover several jurisdictions; we think regionally and cross-border. We manage to render top quality advice together with our friends from other jurisdictions. The cooperation we have with leading firms in many jurisdictions allows us to offer our clients the most insightful advice almost anywhere.

In this time of social media and networks, it comes as no surprise that the best advice is rendered by the best local forces cooperating cross-border.

In an increasingly interlinked and complex world, you are wise to partner up with talented individuals working in the best teams and tapped into the best networks for not just correct legal advice, but for truly insightful advice.

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