Kilpailulainsäädäntö osana toimialayhdistysten ja yritysten arkea


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5 Apr


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Dittmar & Indreniuksen ja Terveysteknologia ry:n yhteistyössä toteuttaman webinaarisarjan toisessa osassa Mirva Arvola ja Aarne Puisto puhuvat kilpailuoikeuden merkityksestä ja siitä, miten toimialajärjestöön kuuluvien jäsenyritysten tulee huomioida kilpailulainsäädäntö liiketoiminnassaan.

Webinaarissa käsitellään muun muassa seuraavia aiheita:

  • Kilpailulainsäädännön merkitys
  • Kilpailijoiden välisen kanssakäymisen rajat
  • Toimialajärjestöjen piirissä tapahtuva yhteistyö ja vastuukysymykset
  • Toimintaohjeet kilpailuviranomaisen yllätystarkastuksen varalle
  • Vireillä olevat kilpailusääntöjen uudistushankkeet

tiistai 5.4.2022, klo 15.00 – 16.00

Jos et ole saanut kutsua tilaisuuteen ja haluaisit osallistua, voit olla yhteydessä:
[email protected]

Tilaisuutemme ovat ensisijaisesti tarkoitettu asiakkaillemme ja muille sidosryhmillemme.

The webinar is in Finnish.

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The calm before the storm? – Finnish merger control enforcement in 2021

D&I’s annual merger control report highlights the most recent trends and developments in Finnish merger control enforcement. In many ways, the year 2021 was not as exceptional as the preceding few years of Finnish merger control enforcement. For example, there were no proposals by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (the “FCCA”) to prohibit a concentration (there was one in 2019 and one in 2020). Also, the FCCA did not declare a single notification incomplete or use ‘stop-the-clocks’. However, this does not mean that the Finnish merger control enforcement would have eased off. On the contrary, for example, the FCCA started to require an upfront buyer in divestment remedies and made significant new legislative proposals to tighten the merger control rules, which might mean that the year 2021 was merely a calm before the storm.

Even transactions falling below national notification thresholds may now need merger control clearance of the European Commission

On 26 March 2021, the European Commission (“EC”) published a new guidance on the application of the referral mechanism set out in Article 22 of the EU Merger Regulation. The main aim is to target so-called killer acquisitions. Effective immediately, the guidance allows Member States to refer transactions to the EC for its review even when the transactions fall below national notification thresholds. Before this new guidance, there was no such referral risk. Furthermore, completing a transaction does not prevent the application of the new interpretation, and a referral may take place even six months post-closing (or, exceptionally, even later). Thus, the controversial new policy significantly increases legal uncertainty and the need to examine closely the competitive effect of a transaction in every Member State, especially in the digital economy and pharmaceutical sector.

Sustainability push in competition law

The largely debated relationship between sustainability and competition law remains relevant in 2021 with more guidance being introduced to companies wishing to initiate sustainability cooperation. The support provided by authorities is a welcomed development in an effort to promote sustainability in all areas of society – including competition policy.

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