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9 Dec


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Gabrielle Dannberg joins Dittmar & Indrenius’ partnership in January 2020.

Gabrielle Dannberg is a respected practitioner focused on complex domestic and cross-border M&A and private equity transactions. Clients praise her especially for her pragmatic solutions and strong project management skills.

“I am very excited to take this step at D&I. I truly believe in this firm in which I’ve grown up professionally.”

Q: What keeps you busy right now?

Right now I’m working on a good mix of transactions, including a sell-side asset deal involving a well-known Finnish brand, a data and IP intensive high tech buy-side deal and an MBO of a Nordic group. Although certain things repeat themselves in every deal, no deal is like the other, and that keeps this job interesting.

Q: For what kind of leadership qualities would you like to be respected for?

Since the start of my career, my goal has been to be someone who is easy to work with, and that’s still my goal. I believe in being one member of the team. As a leader, I would like to be respected for being motivating and fair.

“From an associate’s perspective, Gabrielle is one of the best to work with – both professionally and as an individual. She gives a lot of responsibility but she is always there to give us support and guidance. She always requires excellence but with her sense of humour, empathy and unparalleled team-spirit, she’s a unique lawyer and the kind of colleague and leader I definitely look up to.”

– Valtteri Tapala, Associate

Q: The best career advice you ever got and that you will pass on?

Never stop learning and asking. Explore and keep an open mind to new things and questions. Bravely be yourself and express your opinion.

My own motto has for a long time been to work hard and be nice to people – cliché or not, it’s simple and effective, and a good piece of career advice.

Q: Share a D&I culture secret?

One D&I culture secret lies in the fact that we know each other on a personal level, which makes it easier to deal with big questions and provide stellar advice to our customers. Actually knowing your colleagues obviously makes work more fun, too.

“I couldn’t be happier to welcome Gabrielle to the D&I partnership. With her fantastic personality, broad expertise and project management skills, she has become the trusted advisor of many of our long-term clients in a manner which I admire. In addition, she is highly respected by all our seniors, her peers and juniors within D&I. She is an embodiment of our culture and core values, which are key at D&I.”

– Anders Carlberg, Managing Partner

Q: Had you not become a lawyer, what would you be doing today for a living?

I would probably have become an architect. I enjoy beautiful and well-designed spaces. I suppose there is some resemblance to what I do today – an old partner who taught me many tricks of the trade during my first years at D&I, always talked about contractual lawyers as the architects of their agreements.

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