New Partner Juha Nurminen in D&I’s Transaction Powerhouse

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D&I Quarterly Q1-Q2/2018

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18 Jun


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D&I Transaction Powerhouse was strengthened in early January 2018 when M&A, private equity and VC expert Juha Nurminen joined D&I Partnership. Nurminen, known for his people and negotiation skills, was appointed from D&I’s own pool of senior talent. Now he’s looking forward to engaging himself in the deal-making and in the business development activities of D&I Transaction Powerhouse.

Q: Partner-level elevator pitch, please: What is D&I Transaction Powerhouse’s value proposition for the client?

D&I Transaction Powerhouse takes an integrated approach to transactions including all legal areas that are relevant in the transaction from the client’s business point of view. We aim to be a true partner for our clients so that they do not have to worry about the scope of work. We provide the whole package!

Q: What keeps you busy right now?

I have a few buy-side and sell-side transactions on the table, most of which are cross-border matters. In order to be efficient and hands on, it’s important to understand both the client’s business angle and also the counterparty’s position. To achieve that, it’s vital to regularly advise both buyers and sellers in various kinds of transactions.

Q: What’s your favorite, often overlooked detail in purchase agreements?

I’m a big fan of the purchase price mechanisms. The logic and numbers behind purchase price mechanisms are often overlooked by lawyers, especially when such matters are outsourced to financial experts. However, the wording in the mechanism must accurately capture the reasoning of such financial experts in order for parties to avoid any differences of opinion afterwards. It’s not a baseball cap – one size may not fit all.

Q: What do you respect most in your colleagues?

I know that this may sound like a cliché, but my colleagues truly share a passion for law and for helping our clients so that they are able to focus on their businesses without worrying about legal matters. I am 100% sure we have the most inspiring and enthusiastic team on the Helsinki law scene! I think part of it comes from the fact that we actually enjoy each other’s company – and good coffee! Our 4th floor common kitchen is the best place to start every morning!

Q: The best career advice you ever got?

Lawyers have two ears and only one mouth. They should be used proportionally. As Stephen R. Convey summarized in his bestselling book – seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Q: If you could time travel to either direction, which year and which place would you travel and why?

Paris in the golden age — that is to say at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries – would be fascinating. But I guess I would travel to year 1899 and stay at Esplanade, Helsinki. I would look for two young talented lawyers and advise them to give a slightly shorter name for their brand-new law firm, perhaps, just a succinct D&I.

Q: Share a D&I culture secret?

The secret behind our culture is that we are team-players, both literally and figuratively. We relentlessly support each other to be at the top of their own game every day. Every solo performance is always a piece of a bigger puzzle.

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