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14 Dec


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Kristian Karlsson joins Dittmar & Indrenius’ partnership in January 2021.

Kristian Karlsson is a respected practitioner focused on securities law and financial regulation with a particular emphasis on Fintech, investment funds and investment services, and acquisition and project financing. He is known for his deep insight in debt capital markets related questions and for his effective and commercial approach to regulatory issues.

Q: What keeps you busy right now?

In addition to my two wonderful little girls that keep me busy at home, I have been lately busy with various transactions involving financial institutions, FinTech projects, two refinancings and regulatory work relating to Brexit. December has traditionally been one of the busiest months of the year and at least for me this year is no exception.

“He is a highly skilled lawyer with deep insight in debt capital markets related questions. He had very valuable input and good knowledge of the legislation and how the market functions.”

– IFLR1000 2020, Financial and corporate

Q: True or false: being a very good lawyer is not enough.

False. Although I leave it for everyone to decide if one should, instead of being a ‘very good’ lawyer, aim for being an ‘exceptional’ lawyer or some other higher standard, I think a very good lawyer should not only have the legal skills to match the title, but also other skills required to complete the task at hand and create value-added. A very good lawyer has per definition also other than legal skills and knowledge and they should be able to adapt and flexibly change their approach from case to case. Some of these non-lawyer skills are necessary in any legal profession, such as management skills, be that project or self-management. In addition, because law always boils down to interpretation, a wider understanding of the surrounding world is essential to understanding drivers behind a rule or regulatory framework and putting them into context. In a modern law firm, good cooperation skills are key, as it is almost always team work.

Q: The best career advice you ever got and that you will pass on?

Be true to yourself and proud of who you are. Be brave. Stay curious. I think those are all also good advice to pass on.

“I couldn’t be happier to welcome Kristian to the D&I partnership. With his broad expertise coupled with his excellent collaboration and project management skills, he is highly respected by all our clients and our own people within D&I.”

– Anders Carlberg, Managing Partner

Q: Share a D&I culture secret?

The entire D&I staff has been actively involved in preparing and shaping D&I’s culture, which makes it more familiar and accessible to everyone. It is not an off-the-shelf to do list or something that the management has imposed on the organisation, but I believe people who work at D&I are generally proud of D&I’s culture, share the values and are committed to them. It is therefore easy and straightforward to work together with colleagues not only in your Powerhouse, but also in other Powerhouses, which I think is one of D&I’s greatest strengths.

Q: Had you not become a lawyer, what would you be doing today for a living?

I worked as a skiing instructor for a couple of seasons in a nearby ski centre during my studies and that could have been one alternative career path had I not found working as a lawyer interesting. I have not looked back, but teaching was a lot of fun and rewarding, especially when the kids realised how to turn and control their skis and I could see the smile on their faces! It feels nice to think that I have been able to introduce someone to skiing which I am myself passionate about.

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