Wind Power Projects in Finland

D&I Webinar

The increasing need for sustainable energy solutions continues to drive investments into subsidy-free carbon-neutral energy production in Finland. The first offshore wind projects are now under development within the Finnish territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone, creating exciting opportunities for the production of green hydrogen at an industrial scale. As investments are growing larger and becoming more complex, it is important for investors and their financiers to correctly assess the risks involved in the projects and to structure their investments in an optimal way.

In the webinar, current challenges and opportunities in wind power projects and their financings are discussed by market, finance, legal and tax experts followed by Q&A sessions after each presentation.

Agenda of the webinar event

15.00 Opening
Mikko Eerola, Partner, Dittmar & Indrenius

Key issues in power purchase agreements
Aivaras Simkunas, Managing Director, Alpiq Norway AS

Financing of wind renewable assets
Tuomas Salonen, Senior Transaction Manager, SEB

Offshore wind projects in Finland
Tuomas Tiensuu, Senior Attorney, Dittmar & Indrenius

Wind farms operating with Mankala structure
Juha-Pekka Mutanen, Partner, Dittmar & Indrenius

Tax considerations in wind projects
Ritva Aalto, Counsel, Dittmar & Indrenius

17.00 Webinar ends

If you have not received an invitation, and would like to the webinar, please contact: [email protected].


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