What About Purpose?

D&I Quarterly Q1/2021

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8 Apr


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It’s been a tough year for all of us. But one thing that the pandemic has given some of us is headspace – more time to think and reflect on what is important in life and in business.

In this different world of lockdowns and restrictions, we may be able to see, in a new light, what the impact of our organisations and our work is in the broader society. Living under exceptional circumstances forces us to look at the world from new perspectives.

For us at D&I, it has brought a new focus on purpose. Why are we doing what we’re doing? What are the values we stand for? What is our impact on society and the surrounding world? Would anyone miss us if we didn’t exist?

In our discussions many aspects of our contribution to society have come up. I would like to share some of them with you in the hope that it may inspire others when thinking about their organisations.

At D&I, we build a better society by creating predictability for economic activity

Business always entails risk. The success of companies may be dependent on how they manage to mitigate the risks to their operations. Understanding, quantifying and mitigating risk is our business.

We are here to find paths to success by predicting and eliminating or at least identifying, mitigating and managing risk. At the same time we assist our clients in finding new opportunities for business e.g. based on new technologies or changes in regulations.

This way we support economic activity in our society. We make significant investments possible. We help our clients to create jobs and improve their processes. We assist them in finding more sustainable ways to conduct their businesses. We support them in adapting to and making use of new technologies. We help them in creating wealth in our society.

Our ability to bring predictability to businesses has been accentuated during the pandemic.

At D&I, we build a better society by supporting a rules based system and contributing to the development of the rules

We are an important part of the rules based society. We interpret and apply complex rules applicable to our clients’ businesses. We help our clients in enforcing their legal rights. We also take part in developing the rules.

This work has continued uninterrupted despite the pandemic. We have advised our clients on how to make investments and acquisitions, how to raise capital, how to apply new rules and regulations and how to build business models around new technologies. We have acted for our clients in legal and administrative proceedings, in domestic litigation and international arbitration. We have taken part in the development of rules, legislative processes and committees working to develop hard and soft law rules.

At D&I, we build a better society by offering the best possible work place for talented individuals to develop, both professionally and as individuals

We are a culture driven organisation and workplace. Culture cannot be owned or even controlled. Culture is developed by each member of the organisation. The work we do together in strengthening our culture and values has a much wider impact on our society than we tend to think.

If we can create the best possible work place for our talented individuals to develop, both professionally and as individuals, we plant a positive seed into each of our co-workers. Every day, we strive to help our clients and co-workers to be at their best and to succeed. Our co-workers can carry that seed to their families and their close ones. They can spread this attitude to our clients. Should they eventually decide to move to a new workplace, they will take what they have learned at D&I with them to the next place. What we do as a workplace and how we develop our culture together, has an impact on thousands of people, potentially around the world.

That places a responsibility on us. We need to do good. We need to develop our culture to further our values. We need to take care of our clients and of each other. We need to strengthen our support for our pro bono partners, who work for causes we believe in and for a better world.

We need to carry our responsibility in society. Both in good times and in challenging ones.

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