Knowledge Management Trainees 2023

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Apply on or before 31 May 2023

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Why Teamwork Matters?

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We are now looking for Knowledge Management Trainees to start in our team in September 2023!

Are you the KM Trainee that we are looking for?

We are looking for two Knowledge Management Trainees to work part-time in Dittmar & Indrenius’ legal information service as part of our team. Tasks of KM Trainees include indexing legal publications, legal information retrieval and various legal monitoring and cataloguing assignments. In addition to learning legal substance matters, the position provides the opportunity to learn legal knowledge management skills beneficial in any lawyer profession. D&I’s legal information service works in cooperation with all our practice areas and lawyers. During their traineeship, our KM Trainees obtain an exceptionally wide outlook on all aspects of business law, while they also become familiar with the versatility of attorneys’ work and assignments.

Our KM Trainees Helmi, Frida, Milja and Ina tell about their KM Trainee experience:

“Working in Dittmar’s legal information service is a unique opportunity to dive into the deep end of legal problem solving. Our team works with all our practice areas which makes our tasks highly varied and challenging throughout the training period. The traineeship starts with comprehensive orientation to legal research, which gives you the confidence to take on all kinds of tasks and provides you with essential guidance for your future career as a lawyer. In the Knowledge Management team, we work with concrete, challenging, and genuinely interesting research tasks that develop both legal knowledge and general working skills, from time management to teamwork. Working as a KM-Trainee is flexible, as shown by the fact that we plan and agree on our work shifts with each other. This makes planning of both studies and spare time easier. The most rewarding part of the traineeship is to see your own development as well as the development of your team, and to apply the skills you have acquired during your studies to solving legal problems. At the library, we genuinely work together as a team, which means that our team spirit is one of a kind and it’s always pleasant to come to work! Dittmar’s working atmosphere is warm and encouraging – new colleagues are welcomed with open arms to our community!”

Success in the KM Trainee position requires energetic and diligent approach to work, good learning abilities and basic knowledge of different areas of law and the sources of law (2-3 years of law studies). The task also requires excellent skills in Finnish and good skills in Swedish and English. First and foremost we are looking for a great personality, who possesses a team player’s heart in addition to professional ambition.

KM Trainees work in our office’s legal information service as a part of the KM Team, which our Knowledge Manager Inari Kinnunen leads. The working time is 2-3 days per week on the average, and the working hours are arranged flexibly within the KM Team. We wish that the KM Trainees would be ready to commit to employment of approximately 1.5 years, because of the nature of the position. Starting time of the traineeship would be in the beginning of September 2023.

How to apply?

We are interested in getting to know You! Tell us why you want to work with us as a KM Trainee, what are you like as a person and what are you expecting from our mutual journey. Send your CV, application letter (in Finnish) and transcript of studies no later than Wednesday 31 May 2023 by e-mail to [email protected]. Title your message as “KM Trainee” and send your application documents as PDF files. We aim to make the recruitment decisions before Midsummer.

Do you want to ask something? Our HR & Communications Coordinator Ida Väyrynen ([email protected], +358 50 305 1040) will be more than happy to answer all your questions. In addition, you can check out our social media channels in order to get the first touch with your future colleagues.

Our Culture

What is this thing called Dittis?

Dittmar & Indrenius, also known as Dittis, is a law firm, but most of all it is a community. We at Dittis are willing to give whatever it takes when we are helping our customers or building a better workplace. We are especially excited about legal aspects of transactions, new technologies and innovations, and dispute resolution. We want to raise legal experts of wide range, and this is why our lawyers work over the traditional practice borders. Teamwork is what helps us to help our clients better. We want to solve the most complex cases, and this is why thinking big and thinking creative is important.

Dittis is all about Culture with a capital C – all the decisions we make will always come down to our culture. Our culture inspires us to aim high and reach for the stars. It encourages us to always put the team first and to develop ourselves to be the best version of ourselves every day. We set titles aside; every member of our Dittis family is equally important, and we are known for our easy-going atmosphere.

As a Dittis trainee, you will embark on a journey that makes you learn, grow and shine. Our most important goal as an employer is to be the best place to develop for all of our people. It is not an easy task, but we are ready to give our 100 % – are you willing to do the same?

If you have any questions or want to know more of the position, please contact me

Ida Väyrynen

HR & Communications Coordinator [email protected] +358 50 305 1040

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