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"This firm has a strong background with many large Finnish companies, working on numerous ground-breaking cases."

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Working at Dittmar & Indrenius is a continuous learning experience. The challenges we face each day force us continuously to develop and to improve our skills and knowledge. Our working culture also fosters collaboration and team work, eliminating harmful internal competition. 

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Law Students
Other Professionals
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Culture, Values & Team Spirit

We are guided by our values, our unique culture and our team spirit.

We are proud of the heritage that distinguishes us from other law firms. Although we have inherited many of our important values, we actively question old and existing ideas and seek to develop our culture so that it best supports our quest for excellence.

Even though we are ambitious and goal-oriented in our work, we take pride in supporting and assisting each other in all the challenges we face. Our flat organisational structure and informal way of working encourage us to team work and to finding the best and most creative solutions to the challenges our clients face and to the development of our organisation.

Best Place to Develop Professionally and as Individual

We attract the very best young talent and are committed to offering them the best place for professional development and for reaching their full potential.

We have jointly set the ambitious goal to be the best place for ambitious professionals to develop and grow – both professionally and as individuals. We are passionate about this goal and we will continue to work hard to constantly improve Dittmar & Indrenius as a workplace. 

In the 2017 Great Place to Work® Finland survey, D&I landed in the 8th spot of all medium sized firms, being the only law firm recognized in the list of Best Companies to Work For® in Finland.

Our management is fully committed to make D&I one of the best employers in Finland. We want our people to feel good about coming to work, every single day”, says D&I's HR Manager Mirka Palm. Read more on her thoughts on D&I's culture and organizational development in our Q2/2016 "Trust is Paramount".




We believe that the best legal services are rendered by the most talented and goal-oriented individual lawyers. We appreciate individuals with professional ambition who share our values and respect our way of working.

Our aim is to have the most talented and skilful lawyers, not the largest number of them.  We hire only a limited number of potential future stars and make substantial investments in supporting their development and career. Our lawyers' career development is built on individual strengths and they are offered individual development and career guidance from the very beginning of their career. 

Supporting the Career

The support we offer our individuals lawyers in developing their career includes:

  • Orientation program
  • Practice area rotation
  • Internal training program
  • Tutor and career coach
  • Continuous career development discussions
  • Peer discussion groups
  • Regular evaluations and feedback
  • Participation in seminars and courses, both in Finland and abroad
  • Support for studies, both in Finland and abroad
  • Secondments with foreign law firms or client organisations

If you share our passion and are interested in joining our team, please contact Senior Partner Jan Ollila: jan.ollila[at] or HR Manager Mirka Palm: mirka.palm[at] to learn more about our organisation and career opportunities.


Law Students

We offer a number of talented law students an inside view of our culture and way of working. A large number of our lawyers have begun their professional career within our firm through our trainee programme, and we consider the trainee programme to a very important recruitment channel. You can apply to different trainee roles according to the stage of your studies.

Junior Trainees (part-time)

Our Junior Trainees are at an early stage of their studies. This position offers a great opportunity for law students to get familiar with the day-to-day activities and different roles in our firm and get the first feeling of what it would be like to work in international business law firm.

There are no rutine days for Junior Trainees. They help our lawyers and other professionals in variety of tasks from delivering documents to the authorities and copying litigation materials to helping in our switchboard when needed. This is a great way to learn how the business really works.

We value long term relationships with our employees and our Junior Trainees work in this position as long as they feel the position to be interesting. Therefore, we recruit Junior Trainees only at need.

Knowledge Management Trainees (part-time)

Knowledge Management Trainees have completed approximately 3 years of their studies. The position offers a great possibility to obtain understanding of commercial law and knowledge management skills, which are needed in every lawyer position also outside the law office environment.

Knowledge Management Trainees assist our lawyers by searching information related to different client assignments. They also assist in our library's administrative tasks, such as indexing new textbooks and other materials.

We recruit Knowledge Management Trainees for open-ended periods and thus new positions open at need.

Associate Trainees (full-time)

Associate Trainees work closely with our experienced lawyers and contribute to client and other projects as important members of the team. We aim to offer our Associate Trainees substantial interaction also with our partners.

Our trainees are not part or members of any practice group. We want to offer our trainees the possibility to get familiar with broad range of challenges our lawyers meet. We believe that even if a lawyer concentrates on any given area of law in his/her career, it is essential to get to know and understand the different aspects of international business law.

Applications for Associate Trainees positions are received bi-annually: December-January and August-September. The actual trainee periods are tailored by time and duration based on the trainee's individual preference.

If you want to get to know us a little bit better and get to test us as a potential future employer, please contact our HR Coordinator Heta Havu: heta.havu[at] or send your open application to

The D&I Award

Dittmar & Indrenius grants an annual thesis award carrying the firm's name to one or two students at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law. The amount of the award is EUR 5,000.

The award has been granted since 1998. The award-winning theses are chosen from the following areas of of business law: corporate law, securities law, competition law and arbitration.

The Faculty Council of the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law identifies the candidates for the award among all theses approved during the relevant academic year within the aforementioned fields of law.

Award Winners


Dittmar & Indrenius supports the Helsinki, Turku and Rovaniemi university teams participating in the annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and the Helsinki university team participating in the Nordic Moot Court Competition on the European Human Rights Convention.

Dittmar & Indrenius also organizes a series of lectures intended for all participants of the Vis Arbitration Moot in co-ordination with other Finnish law firms.

Other Professionals

Our other professionals maintain the same high standards as our lawyers. They contribute to the quality of our services and the management of our firm.

Each of our assistants forms an integral team with one or several lawyers and is deeply involved in client work.

We also have professionals in finance, information technology, human resources and corporate communications.

We are looking for ambitious professionals who value our way of working and are commited to the development of our organisation and themselves. Previous experience from legal industry is not required as such.
If you are interested in joining our team of other professionals, please contact our HR Manager Mirka Palm: mirka.palm[at] or send your open application to

Assistant trainees

We recruit limited number of assistant trainees per year and offer them a chance to experience our culture and get familiar with the important role of assistant in our client work.

Each of our assistants forms an integral team with one or several lawyers and is deeply involved in client work. At the beginning of the trainee period assistant trainees normally help our other assistants, but are also given a chance at an early stage to independently assist individual lawyers.

If you are interested in getting to know the role of our assistants and our unique culture, please contact our HR Manager Mirka Palm mirka.palm[at] or send your open application to

Current Open Positions:

Junior Trainees

Haemme joukkoomme nyt Junior Traineita aloittamaan elo-syyskuussa 2018. Harjoittelujakson pituus voi olla alkuun mitä vain 6-10 kk väliltä. Junior Traineet eli toimistoapulaiset, tai kotoisasti "tsupit", pitävät huolta toimistomme toimivuudesta. Monet tsuppimme työskentelevät kanssamme tässä roolissa jopa 1-1,5 vuotta.


Otamme jatkuvasti vastaan avoimia hakemuksia. Jos olet kiinnostunut liittymään joukkoomme, lähetä hakemuksesi osoitteeseen

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our team and we accept open applications on an on-going basis. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your application to

  • Gabrielle Dannberg

    I got in contact with Dittmar & Indrenius during my studies at the University of Helsinki through the firm's cooperation with the student organisations I was active in. During this time I felt that Dittmar & Indrenius could be the right place for me, so I applied for a traineeship when returning from exchange studies in Dublin.

    The summer as a trainee at the firm proved my feeling right. I enjoyed the atmosphere at the firm, the interesting and varying assignments as well as the internationality. After that summer, I have continued at the firm non-stop in different positions, now working as a lawyer.

    Right from the start, Dittmar & Indrenius has supported me and invested in my career and professional development. No week at work is the other like, which keeps it interesting.

Law Students
  • Juha Nurminen

    "Why would anyone want to be a lawyer?" is a question I ask myself often. Lawyers are, after all, conservative and boring, right? Wrong, if you work at Dittmar & Indrenius. In 2013, I was on holiday in Elba, an island off the coast of Italy, when I was contacted by D&I's Head of M&A. He proposed a lunch, which I accepted – laughing that I needed a reminder email due to all the sand and sea in place of any pens or papers. That was the beginning of my adventure as part of the most enthusiastic and inspiring team on the Helsinki law scene.

    The days I enjoy most at work are not the easiest ones; I thrive on the days that provide challenges. As Paulo Coelho once put it, "If you only walk on sunny days, you’ll never reach your destination". I think this philosophy applies to the growth opportunities I have experienced while working here.

Law Students
  • Iiris Kivikari

    At Dittmar & Indrenius I feel I am a valued part of the team. It goes without saying that being able to work with some of the best professionals in Finland is inspiring. However, even more important is that I get the support – but also the leeway – I need personally to develop as an expert in my chosen fields of law.

    But it's not only work and no play. People at Dittmar understand that in order to excel at work, you have to have a life outside of the office as well. Fact is that this job will never be a steady nine-to-fiver, but at Dittmar working flexible hours means flexibility both ways: the company is also ready to adjust to the employee's needs.

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