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Delivering Value to the Society

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We believe it is our duty and privilege to give back.

As attorneys we see ourselves as servants of the society. It is our mission to build better society through our legal experience and expertise.

Contributing to the common good has natural roots in our values and Cultural Cornestones. Being a committed WWF Green Office is a team effort.

We have chosen our Pro Bono partners so that we may contribute to sustainability through WWF Finland, to children in need through the Finnish Hospital Clowns and Ronald McDonald House, and to world peace through the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI).

We are happy to bring our knowledge to use where it may make a difference and help create a better tomorrow.

WWF Finland

WWF Finland’s mission is to stop biodiversity loss and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. Since its establishment, WWF Finland has achieved significant conservation wins both in Finland and internationally.

We are inspired by WWF Finland both for their vital mission and achievements but also for them being a Great Place to Work. As a long-term board member of WWF Finland we are proud to be supporting them to work even more effectively and be more innovative to reverse the trend of unsustainable development.

At D&I, we strive to inspire others and decrease our own ecological footprint as a committed WWF Green Office.

The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)

The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation. Nobel Peace laureate and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari founded CMI in 2000. Since then, the organisation has grown to become one of the leaders in its field.

We are deeply inspired by CMI’s increased global impact and impressed by their hard work in complex dispute resolution. At D&I, we like to see our comprehensive support to CMI as a piece of peace.

The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association

The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association (Sairalaalaklovnit) is an organization that has trained clown doctors to go around children’s departments entertaining and cheering up the little patients and their families. Their aim is to make children forget their illness for a moment and be cheerful, laugh freely and clown around in the middle of their everyday life in a hospital.

“Small joy is a big thing”, they say. We are proud to be supporting The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association in planting seeds of hope and strength where the future of this society most need them.

Ronald McDonald Childrens' House Fund

Ronald McDonald House offers homelike apartmental housing for families from far away when their child needs treatment in the childrens’ hospital in Helsinki. Their service is of crucial importance for the wellbeing of both the patient and her family.

We are very proud of our continued support to the Ronald McDonald House and of their relentless support to the unity of Finnish families in challenging times.



Latest Insights

Law and Responsible Business
19 Sep 2018 We enter into cooperation with Finnish Business & Society ry (FIBS) to help to build better businesses and sustainable solutions. As of the beginning of 2019, FIBS is launching a programme producing corporate responsibility training and events in collaboration with selected expert organisations specialising in different responsibility themes within the framework of the new FIBS Partner programme. As a part of the FIBS Partner programme, we offer training for FIBS members aiming to provide practical information for monitoring legal developments relating to corporate responsibility. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of the insightful legal advice we provide to our clients. Corporate responsibility and sustainable business models will be our key themes during our 120th anniversary year 2019. "This is an exciting opportunity, fully aligned with our strategy and values. Corporate responsibility is a strategic question for all – and a legal perspective is necessary in finding practical and valuable solutions that make a real difference in building responsible business", says Partner Hanna-Mari Manninen. "We look forward to co-operation with our new partners, who are all top experts in their fields. We are pleased to have Dittmar & Indrenius on board as our partner who brings in the legal insights to corporate responsibility. Co-operation with our partners is an important opportunity for us to accelerate the growth of sustainable business in Finland", says Helena Kekki, Manager of FIBS's membership services. "Co-operation with FIBS signals our will to meet the future challenges of our clients in the constantly evolving business environment. D&I's Powerhouse model providing the clients with comprehensive, sustainable solutions for their business needs will play an instrumental role when providing services within the FIBS Partner programme", says Partner Kari Lautjärvi. Further information: Hanna-Mari Manninen, Partner, Head of Corporate Advisory, Compliance & CSR, tel. +358 40 717 7494, [email protected] Kari Lautjärvi, Partner, tel. +358 9 6817 0102, [email protected] Katja Hollmén, Director of Client Relations, tel. +358 50 573 7396, [email protected]   Dittmar & Indrenius, established in 1899, is a leading Finnish law firm focused on creating exceptional added value to demanding corporate clients. FIBS helps companies to do better business. It offers information about new, innovative ways of developing responsible business and a unique opportunity to network with companies from different fields as well as other social actors. The FIBS network includes over 320 companies and organisations.
Earth Needs Good Lawyers
18 Jun 2018 As of January 2018, our much respected ex-Partner Raija-Leena Ojanen has been working as the legal advisor for WWF. At D&I, Raija was a true role model for her uncompromising dedication to the highest level of professional service. Q: What made you first want to work for WWF? The idea of working for an environmental organization slowly grew upon me. Through the pro bono work done at D&I for WWF, I started to receive regular dosages of information about the deterioration of the biodiversity, the overexploitation of natural resources and the increasing urgency to tackle climate change. The flow of information increased when I was appointed board member for WWF Finland.  Also, during those years, I had many interesting discussions with my daughter, who recently completed her masters in biology, about human genetics, biochemistry and how exposure to toxic chemicals affects us. Thirdly, client projects involving sustainability and compliance became more and more important parts of my work as head of Corporate advisory, Compliance and CSR. I remember starting to vaguely think about a future in globally oriented environmental work sometime around 2014/2015. The thoughts grew stronger last summer at Berkeley where I completed the first part of my two-summer LLM studies. At Berkeley I learned how big a role lawyers play, at least in America, in promoting environmentally conscious and sustainable public policies. I was greatly impressed by the organization Earthjustice that uses the slogan “Earth Needs a Good Lawyer”. Q: What are the most rewarding things about working at WWF? WWF works to build a future where there is good balance between nature and people. The work is done on a wide spectrum of activities ranging from building snowbanks to protect the newborn Saimaa ringed seal to hands-on building of fishways around dams in freshwater waterways to interaction with politicians and businesses about steps towards carbon-neutrality and further onto international talks at Arctic Council. Although I thought that I had a pretty good understanding ahead, I have been amazed during the first months as a new Panda (that’s what new recruits are called at WWF) at how much the group of about 60 people at WWF Finland can accomplish. The talent is in cooperation and the engaging organizations and people to work with WWF to reach important goals. It is very rewarding to be able to contribute my part for the saving of the world. Q: What legal issues or challenges have you got coming up on the horizon at WWF? The great challenge at WWF is making governments and businesses understand the urgency around climate change. Although the common goal under the Paris Agreement is to keep the global warming under 2°C compared to pre-industrial time, the transformation to carbon-neutrality is lagging seriously behind. It is apparent that the present policy approach that promotes voluntary efforts and produces legislation that impose transparency and reporting requirements to generate market pressure on reducing carbon footprints have proven to be insufficient. Making the changes happen soon enough seems to call for impact-oriented legislation. The parliaments in Finland, in EU and globally may need to move to passing binding obligation on government entities and businesses to assess whether their actions are in line with the two-degree target and if not, to make the necessary changes. The challenge is how to draft such legislation so that the rules are easy to understand, implement and monitor. Q: What do you miss from Dittmar & Indrenius? The best part of the work at D&I was working with long-term clients, some of which I had the pleasure of advising for over 20 years. Long cooperation built mutual trust and gave an in-depth understanding of the key elements of the client’s business. The legal challenges were solved in seamless cooperation between the representatives of the client and the dedicated team at D&I. I will surely be following the success of those companies also in the future. From a personal perspective, I already miss our special D&I team spirit. It works like glue and has built a strong community. D&I truly is a great place to work and it was not easy to say goodbye. Luckily, I do not have to leave it completely behind. Before I left, I made sure that I am on the invitation lists for practically all D&I events! And there are a lot of opportunities to stay in contact through the pro bono cooperation that continues between WWF and D&I. Q: Besides work-related text, what are you reading or planning to read next and why? At the moment, it is difficult for me to separate between work-related and other reading. There is so much I have to learn about the status of the planet, the research on the future and the ways to turn things around. I am presently reading a global forecast by Jorgen Randers called 2052. The book seeks to understand what the world is likely to look like in year 2052. I have not read far enough to tell you here what his conclusion is. If I manage to stay healthy and live long, I will be around to witness if he was right or wrong. I hope the world comes together and is able to make the necessary changes.

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