Paving the way for the Mobility as a Service (“MaaS”)

Ministry of Transport and Communications
(Liikenne- ja viestintäministeriö)

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14 Aug


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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) means a revolution for the transportation as we know it.

Jukka Lång
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In the spring of 2016 we conducted background work in preparation of the first phase and in the spring of 2017 of the second phase of the Transport Code, a massive new piece of legislation that brings together the legal provisions on the transport market.

The object of the Transport Code is to significantly improve the Finnish transportation system and to pave the way for the development of the Mobility as a Service concept (“MaaS”) and extensive use of information technology in provision of transportation services. Finland is the first country in the world introducing such legislation. In the reports prepared for the Ministry, we provide, for example, a comprehensive view on the legislation on the protection of passengers rights applicable on the MaaS -services.

In addition to the assistance related to the Transport Code, in the fall of 2016 we assisted the Ministry of Transport and Communications in preliminary preparation of the national implementation of the NIS directive. The directive will boost the level of cybersecurity in the EU and have effect especially on the most essential sectors in the society, such as electricity and transportation. We assessed and analyzed what types of data security, risk management and other security obligations are set forth in the Finnish law, EU-law and treaties currently applicable to the sectors covered by the directive.

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