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The consumer and retail industry is changing as e-commerce gains volume from the brick and mortars. Consolidation in the industry continues but the new digital environment also allows new market entrants to disrupt the markets.

We have extensive experience of representing well-known consumer goods and services brands and retail chains as well as franchising businesses in their operations on the Finnish market.

Our expertise covers, inter alia, all types of commercial agreements, consumer protection legislation, e-commerce, brand protection and licensing, compliance, marketing and advertising, customer data management, consumer credit services and product liability. We continuously follow the practices of the regulators and proposed legislation affecting the industry in order to assist our clients in an efficient manner and provide added value.

We continuously provide day-to-day regulatory and compliance advice to several multinational consumer brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Expedia, McDonalds and Swatch.

We work closely together with our consumer and retail industry clients and give advice in their legal matters based on our integrated full-service D&I Powerhouse model. This ensures the best team and specialisation for each client in their legal matters.


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