Innovation Powerhouse

Helping businesses transform and grow in the digitalized world

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Data is not oil but a renewable asset refuelling new business models.

Jukka Lång, Head of Data Protection, Marketing and Consumers

The team is “easy to approach, proactive and knowledgeable.”

Chambers Europe 2019, TMT
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It’s all about our clients’ innovations. 

We offer one-stop-shop strategic legal advice for companies in any industry dealing with new innovations transforming their business. We are known for being the leading digital disruption team in Finland. Our exceptional track record covers new digital business models, data, cybersecurity, Fintech, blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

In each project we join forces with relevant practices and industry groups working as one team, in one efficiently managed process, with one point of contact in constant interaction with our client. Centered around our clients’ needs and aligned with their best interests, our Powerhouse team explores the best legal solutions, industry practices and winning strategies to maximise the clients’ success.

Powerhouse is much more than a philosophy to us. It represents our ambition for excellence and thinking ahead for the benefit of our clients. To find continued, sustainable success, we sometimes have to look at creating solutions for problems that are not yet recognised. Our D&I Powerhouse service method allows us to offer our greatest capacity for supporting our clients’ objectives and growth.

Main contact: Jukka Lång, Partner



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