It’s a Team Game

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Inspiring goal.

TOP5 true things our people value @D&I

Amazing teamspirit.

TOP5 true things our people value @D&I

Exceptionally skilled colleagues.

TOP5 true things our people value @D&I

I get to use my expertise every day.

TOP5 true things our people value @D&I

Everyone is respected as who they really are.

TOP5 true things our people value @D&I

Culture is our defining differentiator, the one thing that truly sets us apart from any other law firm.

Our culture shines through in everything we do. It is the foundation for how we serve our clients and develop as a team and as individuals. Our culture is a live mixture of being extremely goal-oriented and completely humane at the same time.

We don’t believe in manuals or hierachies. Our systems and processes, traditions and rituals, even the way we communicate with each other, reflect our value-based Cultural Cornerstones.

Collaborating to build a better tomorrow is deeply embedded in our cultural dna. We want to believe we deliver value to the society through our active Pro Bono work. We believe it is our privilege to give back.

We create our culture together. You’re welcome to explore it yourself.

Start with Why

We have a clear purpose of delivering value to the society through our experience and expertise. We want to be the best law firm partner for demanding corporate clients and the best place to work for talented professionals. Today we are proud to be ranked in the TOP 5 of the best workplaces in Finland in the 2018 Great Place to Work® Finland survey.

Trust and respect are vital in building a healthy and happy workplace. We invest in fostering deep connections and creating shared experiences through making weekend trips to places such as Chamonix, Lago di Como and Kitzbühel with the whole team.

Big actions and small habits that maintain our laid-back office culture and humane social connections, such as our quite unusual firmwide WhatsApp-group, fuel idea generation and make us feel good about coming to the office every morning. We believe the way our people feel at work is directly linked in the way in which we engage with our clients to deliver service that is above and beyond what’s called for.

Thinking Ahead As a Powerhouse

We have been a leading Finnish law firm for quite some time for a good reason.

Since 1899 we have been engineering landmark transactions, solving major disputes and been there for our clients in times of significant changes, even revolutions. With our sterling reputation for high-end expertise and experience from the defining deals of the decades we have paved the way for an impressive list of clients.

Not everyone can rise to the challenges of the 21st century. With our client-centric Powerhouse method, we can. As a Powerhouse we take a global approach to a case and assemble a mix of specialists with experience from across practice groups and industries to form teams capable of delivering exceptional added value.

Much more than a philosophy to us, Powerhouse is our operative model for thinking ahead and supporting our clients’ objectives and growth. It is the practical embodiment of our Cultural Cornerstones.

Meet the Cornerstones


Winning teams are made of passion for reaching a common goal. We are passionate about what we do and passionate about letting it show.

For us, passion is ambition for excellence defined. It goes hand in hand with extraordinary client experiences. Insight and innovation, delivered with passion.


Respect is our key to attuning to our clients and colleagues – and to better collaboration. When we give feedback or challenge a colleague’s view, we do it in the same boat, striving to reach the best possible end-result as a team. We have a shared commitment to help each other grow.

We expect respect in every interaction, both internally and externally. It’s all about being present, showing appreciation through listening and being kind even when things don’t go as planned.

Respect, we believe, is the key to attune to our clients and their wants and needs. It’s not only our insight but also our clients’ insight that matters.

Team Before Individual

Teamwork is only common sense. For us the real thing is this: there’s no “I” in team. We work collaboratively together.

It’s very simple, really. We value teamplaying efforts, such as generous sharing of knowledge, more than individual scores. However, much like the most beautiful star constellations in the Northern sky, legendary winning teams are rarely made without star individuals.

We have enormous respect for our professionals as individuals with their distinctive skills and strengths. But while an individual may be hugely important for a battle, it does take a team to win a complex dispute.

Team Before Individual is embodied in our Powerhouse method. We blend talents for greater insight. Our organisational structure, processes and our compensation model foster collaboration and seek to eliminate any signs of internal competition. We compete against each other only in sports and poker.

When we put the team first, everything else falls into place.

Continuous Development

No-one gets to the top by resting on their heels.

Being agile and attuned to what is happening in the market is an imperative in building a modern law firm. While lawyers become increasingly paired with technology, human ability for creativity and strategic insight will be of greater value than ever before.

Continuous development of our uniquely human skills requires hard work. We see our Powerhouse method as one of our signature ways to foster the development of better lawyers and life-long learning.

Sending our people regularly to leadership trainings at Harvard fosters the development of better leadership. Sending our people regularly to Paphos seminars with philosopher Esa Saarinen fosters the development of better thinking leading to better life.

Being the best place to develop, both professionally and as an individual, is our promise that we take very seriously. We believe our people, our clients and the society deserve no less.

Common Goal

Our common goal is to make our clients succeed and thrive in the long-term.  

Latest Insights

Catching Up with Kati Levoranta of Rovio
30 Jun 2015 Before joining Rovio Entertainment Ltd. as their Chief Legal Officer in 2012, Kati has worked in-house at Valio, Pöyry, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks. However, she started her legal career at Dittmar & Indrenius in 1996 after being trained at the bench at Tampere District Court and graduating from the University of Turku in 1995. Q: What made you first want to go in-house? I didn’t have any prefixed long-term plans regarding my career. The only thing I was sure of was that I definitely wanted to do post-graduate studies abroad. After my LL.M year at Columbia Law School, I joined Valio as their legal counsel.The first thing that inspired me in being an in-house lawyer was the close co-operation with business people, the feeling of ownership of projects - the satisfaction of achieving business goals, together as a team. The other thing I loved was melting into the heterogeneous group of professionals with varying backgrounds. It’s very different from working with attorneys only, I can tell you! The third thing I enjoyed from the very beginning was the speed at which things have to be done in order to keep the wheels turning. As an in-house lawyer you do your best mitigating risks and then you just go ahead. That suits me very well.The six years at Valio were an amazing learning experience. The time was formative in a sense that I learned to appreciate some of my personality traits as character assets in the business world, which was an important eye-opener from career perspective. Q: What’s the best thing about working at Rovio? For me, that every day is different. There is no such thing as a typical day at Rovio. Instead of routines, there’s always a sense of inspiration and excitement behind the corner. One day we may be negotiating with Hollywood stars and the next day we’re hosting high level governmental officials from the Republic of China in our offices in Espoo. There’s an immense spectrum of things that can land on my desk and I love it. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge fan of our products! There’s always a sense of inspiration and excitement behind the corner. Q: What legal issues or challenges have you got coming up on the horizon? Regulatory issues in the gaming industry are constantly on our radar. We constantly need to be thinking ahead and to predict the direction of the industry regulation in order to be able to turn the tables, if necessary, and prevent any slowing of our own business. Q: In your free time, what are you reading at the moment? I have just been reading a truly fantastic book “Anatomy of winning” (Voittamisen Anatomia) by the famous sports surgeon Dr. Aki Hintsa, best known for his work with Olympic athletes and Formula 1 pilots. According to Hintsa’s philosophy, one needs a foundation of holistic wellbeing for being able to deliver optimal performance. Hintsa’s book strongly resonates with my own beliefs that are based on my personal experience. As a former tennis player, different kinds of sports have always been the most natural way of supporting my wellness and, subsequently, my ability to give my very best professionally. Last year, I started training triathlon. I’m going to my first triathlon competitions in Finland this summer and to Mallorca in early fall. While training, there have been moments when I’ve felt completely beaten physically but, at the same time, mentally crystal-clear and joyful, almost invinsible. I recommend reading Hintsa’s book and acting accordingly. Maintaining good physical condition through doing sports regularly and resting well helps dealing with stress and gives boost when it’s needed.

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