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Sustainability is at the heart of our culture, legal advisory, and societal role. We believe that true sustainability is achieved collectively, in collaboration with our clients. This belief is embodied in our mission: “We create exceptional and sustainable value together with our clients.”

Sustainability is a central aspect of our business and infuses all our activities, as well as the work of each of our employees. Our commitment to the common good is deeply rooted in our Cultural cornerstones.

Since 2022, we have been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles, focusing on human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. In practice, we are committed to operating in accordance with universal sustainability principles, to taking action to support society and to reporting annually on our ongoing efforts. Our commitment to the UN Global Compact is part of our commitment to advising our clients responsibly.

For over a decade now, we have been a committed WWF Green Office.  By reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a culture of environmental awareness we demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility. Being a WWF Green Office underscores our dedication to making a difference and shows that even small changes within a law firm can contribute to wider environmental progress. Our Green Office activities and our climate impact is described in more detail in our annual Sustainability report.

In 2023, we embarked on a journey to systematize our sustainability efforts and enhance our approaches to sustainability. As a result, we approved our first sustainability program, providing us with a clear framework, defined goals, and metrics for our initiatives. Our sustainability program encompasses three key areas: internal sustainability, advising our clients, and our role in society. In each of these three key areas, three themes are covered with assigned goals and metrics.

Sustainability cannot be achieved alone

Because the world and the issues facing our clients are more complex than ever, and because sustainability is not a legal concept per se, we recognise the need to work with experts in other fields. Since 2023, we have been working with creative consultancy Miltton to help clients manage strategic sustainability, understand increasing regulation, integrate sustainability into operational practices and translate it into business objectives. We are also actively involved in various networks, including FIBS (Finnish Business & Society), the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries, and a leading promoter of sustainable business and developer of corporate expertise. We have been a FIBS Partner since 2019.

We also work closely with our pro bono partners so that we may contribute to sustainability through WWF Finland, to children in need through the Finnish Hospital Clowns and Ronald McDonald House, and to world peace through the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI). Read more about our pro bono partners here.

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