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27 Oct


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In this issue of the D&I Quarterly, we explore some key elements of project financing in the context of green transition and newer energy technologies in Finland. We also discuss the EU’s new Financial Data Space proposal and DORA and navigate in the legal labyrinth surrounding healthtech. We summarized some planned changes to the Finnish Labour Market Reform that you may want to keep an eye on if you are doing business in Finland. Furthermore, we talk about negotiations moving online and Gen Z changing the business in law firms.

We hope that you will find these articles useful and interesting!

Negotiations Moved Online – What Did We Gain and What Did We Lose?
Partner Jan Ollila reflects what we might have lost when so many negotiations moved online. “Are experienced negotiators just more confident that in a face-to-face negotiation they can just wing it?”

Gen Z Will Accelerate Change in Law Firms
“Zoomers are likely to be at the forefront of the development and complement the know-how and skill of more seasoned practitioners.” Managing Partner Gabrielle Dannberg writes about the next generation of lawyers.

Investing in Green Transition – New Technologies on the Way Towards Bankability
The key elements required for a project to be considered bankable are typically on a sufficient level with onshore wind farms in Finland. How about offshore wind and newer energy technologies, then? Partner Mikko Eerola and Senior Attorney Eeva-Lotta Kivelä ask.

EU’s New Financial Data Space Proposal and DORA
EU’s new regulatory proposal for the financial data space and DORA call for extensive customer data sharing and enhanced cyber security in the financial sector. Partner Anna Haapanen and Associates Saara Heinonen and Joona Linner write.

Navigating the Legal AI HealthTech Frontier
While AI is constantly opening up new opportunities in the healthtech sector, it also poses the challenge of understanding and managing the risks associated with its use. Senior Associate Charlotta Bonsdorff explores the legal labyrinth surrounding healthtech.

Ambitious Labour Market Reforms on the Horizon
The Finnish government is planning significant labour market reforms and the plans have already sparked a lively public discussion and protests by trade unions. Counsel Mika Kärkkäinen and Partner Suvi Knaapila summarised some of the planned changes with a direct impact on Finnish employers and employees.

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