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D&I Quarterly Q4/2016

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2 Dec


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Year 2016 the traditional cray-fish party for D&I’s lawyers under 35 of age, and their friends, clients and corporate connections was organized at Forum Box, a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Helsinki. As usual, the evening was “different with a twist” (#snadistiouto) with the theme “To go poetry or not?” Here’s what our guests said.

Vilma Suomi Vilma Suomi, Legal Counsel, Sanoma Corporation

Q: Poetry or not?

Definitely yes to poetry! Maybe it is because I am a lawyer but I find myself attached to words – I almost instinctively seek for true meanings and correct definitions, and want to be precise in my communication. At the same time I admire artistic expression which is free from these restrictions. If I had to pick just one my favourite poem would be Edith Södergran’s “Ihmeellinen meri”.

Q: Difference that matters?

I think you should expose yourself to differences, it is important to get out of your own bubble. Differences make people interesting, and often the best way to challenge your thinking is to talk to someone with a different view.

Tuomas Rytkönen

Tuomas Rytkönen, at the time of this article’s publication Tuomas worked as Legal Counsel at Finnish Energy (Energiateollisuus ry)

Q: Poetry or not?

Definitely maybe. Poetry gives food for thought and room for interpretation. Even a short poem can contain a plethora of different thoughts, ideas and views.

Legislation and legal documents should express ideas in compact format, be precise and not leave room for different interpretations. Ideally, poems and legal texts should include “the best words in their best order”.

Q: Difference that matters?

Reputation. It may take years to build it but only minutes to lose it, with significant consequences. Lawyers should strive to assist their clients in managing also reputational risk when providing legal advice. Having worked at D&I I feel that safeguarding client’s reputation is embedded in Dittmar’s culture.

Nelli Vilkko

Nelli Vilkko, Lawyer / Head of Public Sector, Reaktor

Q: Poetry or not?

Yes, definitely! I try to schedule something creative for every week even though Finlex offers quite a smorgasbord of poetry as well… It is essential to reserve time regularly for reading novels, writing creative stuff and going to theatre or concerts – it leads to a happier life!

Q: Difference that matters?

Small informal talk at the office makes a big difference to the general atmosphere at work – there should always be time to ask if your workmate is doing well!

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