Combination of Autoklinikka with Werksta

Autoklinikka-Yhtiöt Oy

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19 Apr


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We advised Autoklinikka’s owners in the combination of Autoklinikka, the largest private vehicle damage repair chain in Finland, with the Swedish Werksta chain controlled by a fund managed by Procuritas Partners.

Werksta Group acquired Autoklinikka from its previous shareholders, part of which made significant reinvestments in the Werksta Group. Werksta Group is a Sweden-based car repair chain and a portfolio company of Procuritas AB. Procuritas AB, a Sweden-based company headquartered in Stockholm, is a private equity firm. Autoklinikka is a Finland-based operator of a car collision repair chain, consisting of Autoklinikka-yhtiöt Oy, a collision repair provider; HotPaint-yhtiöt Oy, a car painting specialist; and Autoklinikka Partner Oy, a provider of collision repair network services. D&I advised Autoklinikka Holding Oy, the seller, on the transaction.

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