Prospera Law Firm Review 2020


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20 Feb


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In the KANTAR SIFO Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review 2020, D&I was ranked in TOP3 in several key customer experience -categories.

A total of 269 Finnish firms representing the largest purchasers of legal services in Finland were interviewed about their client satisfaction and views of the legal market in Finland. This year, D&I is ranked in TOP3 in the following qualitative customer experience -categories by the Tier 1A clients:


Project Management


Project Staffing


Strategic Speaking Partner


Personal Contacts


Client Understanding


Availability & Service


Forefront in Digitalisation

In Client Understanding D&I was ranked as the 1st by the same Tier 1A clients with a minumum legal fee volume of 600 000EUR last year. Further, in Forefront of Digitalisation D&I was ranked as the 1st in both Tier 1 (minimum fee volume of 150 000EUR last year) and Tier 1A clients. Being ranked as the leader in those categories – understanding our clients and in using digital services in Finland – is a result of our strong vision and dedicated, collaborative work both inside the firm and together with our clients for supporting their business objectives and growth.

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