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We promise to be the best place for professional and personal growth for ambitious and talented individuals.

Our commitment to being the best place to develop professionally and as an individual is one of the biggest factors for why we are ranked in the TOP 5 of the best workplaces in Finland in the 2018 Great Place to Work® Finland survey. In addition, in the Prospera Employer Branding Survey 2018 we were ranked as the favourite employer of all law firms among third to fifth year law students in Finland.

We are committed to develop everyone’s potential to the fullest extent possible. Once recruited, every employee embarks on their tailored D&I Journey, which is about opportunities for professional and personal development and recognising everyone’s individual contribution to our culture.

Are you a star individual with a teamplayer’s soul? We welcome you to join our team!

Recruitment Philosophy

Our recruitment philosophy is very simple.

We believe that our culture is the single most important factor affecting our ability to find the best solutions for our clients’ challenges. Hence, we look for ambitious and talented people who are great matches to our culture of collaboration.

We like people who can think outside the box and quickly grasp the essence of situations with capacity to drive projects. We like people with potential to learn and grow. Most importantly, we like things that work. That’s why we look especially for signs of your teamplayer skills. Building a culture of collaboration, we’ve found, requires a strong commitment to our Cultural Cornerstones, starting from recruiting.

We warmly encourage you to look for a corporate culture that is the right fit for you and your ambitions. Just as we are not the right firm for all clients, we are not the right firm for every brilliant lawyer either.

Talent Management

The formative associate years are all about watching, doing and learning: mastering the basics widely across legal areas. We strive to make our associates know what to expect and what is expected of them in keeping our developing individuals engaged, motivated and happy.

We will not be putting the cart before the horse but we do believe that professional competence grows faster when a person is trusted with a lot of responsibility from the very beginning. We believe the most important attorney qualities, judgment, tenacity and collaboration, are built step by step by challenging and learning from each other in action.

We devote a lot of effort to our talent management. We expect all our people to be willing to learn and develop continuously.

Our promise to our talented individuals is to be the best place to develop, both as a professional and as an individual.

Trainee Programmes

We recruit trainees for our three different student trainee programmes once or twice a year per programme.

We have no fixed lengths for traineeships. Welcoming our trainees individually and tailoring them their own traineeship period are important parts of the D&I journey. Typically, we only hire a few trainees to work at the same time to ensure we offer a top quality trainee experience and to make sure that our employer promise – Best Place to Develop – begins right there.  We are very happy and proud that based on law students’ votes, the Finnish Lawyers Association rated D&I the Best Law Student Employer of 2017 in Finland.

We prefer to rotate our young lawyers in several practice groups for their first two years for gaining perspective and for acquiring solid foundation in more than just one or two areas. Following this philosophy of “all-round legal education”, also our trainees work within various practice groups and Powerhouses.

Junior Trainee

Our Junior Trainees are never shying away from even the trickiest tasks. They are the epitome of the can-do attitude, always ready to help. They handle every task with great energy and precision. The right attitude is the key.

Junior Trainees keep our office up and running by taking care of everyday tasks around the office and making everyone’s life easier. Whether it’s delivering documents, helping organizing events or making sure our kitchen has the best snacks, Junior Trainees are always up to the task. They might not work with legal assignments just yet, but they gain valuable insight about how a law firm works. Also juggling many things at once and thinking fast (and outside the famous box) are skills that most likely improve while working as a Junior Trainee.

Junior Trainees are usually in their first or second year of law studies. They work part-time in two shifts in order to combine working and studies smoothly. A Junior Trainee period can be everything from six to 18 months.

KM Trainee

Knowledge Management Trainees work with our lawyers on client assignments relating to all practice areas. KM Trainees participate in comprehensive legal information retrieval training, which enables them to provide our lawyers relevant and up-to-date information on legal developments, case law, legal commentaries and legislative materials. One of their tasks is also cataloguing and indexing legal publications acquired in our library.

During their traineeship, our KM trainees obtain an exceptionally wide outlook on all aspects of business law. Legal knowledge management skills acquired during the trainee program are beneficial in any lawyer profession, also outside the law firm environment.

KM Trainees are usually half-way through of their law studies. They work part-time, usually two to three days a week. Our KM Trainees typically stay with us for a bit longer period of time, often up to two years.

Our KM Trainees are eager to learn new things every day, since every assignment is different! Our KM Trainees really like to dig into tasks; they leave no stone unturned while searching for comprehensive and correct answers. Being precise and being proactive help in getting the job done.

Associate Trainee

Associate Trainees work with clientwork alongside our lawyers. Their work is very similar to that of recently graduated lawyers. With the support of experienced colleagues, they draft documents, search for background material, work with translations and attend meetings with clients. Our Associate Trainees work within multiple fields of law, building a strong foundation for their future career and learning to work on the most complex legal questions.

Associate Trainees are already quite advanced in their studies. They work full-time for about four to six months.

One of the key traits of our Associate Trainee is willingness to develop and eagerness to try out new kinds of tasks and fields of law. An open and curious mindset is highly valued. Our Associate Trainees are sharp minds, but what’s more important is their ambition to become even sharper. Open communication and exchanging ideas with colleagues is a key part of the role.

Open Application

We are always hiring the very best people who are also great matches to our culture for reinforcing and developing it as a team.

Please introduce yourself to us at, and we will get back to you.

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