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29 Jun


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In this issue of the D&I Quarterly, we are rethinking holding structures and taking a look at Finnish social infrastructure transactions, as well as the newly established transparency register in Finland. We also discuss the winning features of an excellent negotiator, along with sustainability and ESG.

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The Thing that Distinguishes an Excellent Negotiator from a Good One
“I have seen some excellent negotiators over the years, but I must admit I’ve seen some really lousy ones too. At least I think that’s what I’ve seen.” Partner Jan Ollila writes about the winning feature of an excellent negotiator.

Sustainability and ESG have become a top priority for businesses, stakeholder demands are high, and the EU is preparing multiple legislative initiatives in this area. Managing Partner Gabrielle Dannberg writes about the ESG questions in business.

Rethinking Holding Structures
“Having business reasons for a holding structure is not always enough. Nowadays, structuring requires a comprehensive understanding of complex tax frameworks so that unexpected pitfalls can be avoided.” Partner Kai Holkeri and Senior Attorney Vilho Lammi write about holding structures.

Practical Insights from Finnish Social Infrastructure Transactions 
Social infrastructure assets continue to draw a considerable amount of attention from real estate investors. Dittmar & Indrenius’ Counsel Antti Aaltonen, Senior Attorney Tuomas Tiensuu and Director Erkki Hakala from Catella Corporate Finance provide us insights from Finnish social infrastructure transactions.

Transparency Register Established in Finland: Lobbying Data Becomes Public
“Stakeholder consultation is an integral part of all legislative processes: it produces relevant information used in law-drafting. Hearing experts, organisations, and other interested parties is necessary, as legislation does not come into existence in a void.” Senior Attorney Inari Kinnunen writes.

Uniting Strategy and Sustainability: A New Wave of Collaboration
In order to meet the requirements of the changing business environment and increasing cross-border regulation, a new level of strategic sustainability is needed. Eeva Taimisto, Director of Sustainability and Communications of Miltton, and Partner Hanna-Mari Manninen and Katja Hollmén, Director of Client Experience and Communications from Dittmar & Indrenius discuss the new kind of collaboration.

The Power of Diversity and Attorney Wellbeing
Katja Hollmén went to New York to interview Deborah Enix-Ross, The President of the American Bar Association.

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A year of big reforms – Review of Finnish merger control in 2023

This annual merger control report of Dittmar & Indrenius highlights the most recent trends and developments in Finnish merger control enforcement. Important legislative amendments entered into force in 2023, and it was expected in the Government Bill that the new, lower notification thresholds would double the annual number of notifications to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and make it a busy year for the authority. However, the total number of notifications did not live up to the expectations. Also, as in 2022, there were no proposals to prohibit concentrations, no declarations of incomplete notifications and no stop-the-clock decisions in 2023. However, 2023 saw an interesting trend emerging in all except one of the Phase II cases ending up being withdrawn by the parties. Furthermore, the year included some ‘first ever’ actions, for example, Finland’s first ever referral request to the European Commission under Art. 22 EUMR in a ‘below all notification thresholds’ context.

Update on Timing and Contents of the New Act Governing Permitting and Construction of Offshore Wind Power within the Finnish EEZ

In November 2023, the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (the “MEE“) appointed a working group tasked to prepare a new act (the “Act“) that will govern permitting and construction of offshore wind power within Finland’s exclusive economic zone (the “Finnish EEZ“)1. The MEE has now published an updated estimate on the timing of the legislative process as well as outlined a number of key elements of the contemplated Act.

Commission proposes extension of IVDR transition periods for legacy products

The European Commission has on 23 January 2024 announced a proposal for an extension to the transition period for the forthcoming In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (IVDR). The aim is to ensure patient care by improving the availability of these essential healthcare products. In addition, the Commission also proposes measures to enable and accelerate a gradual roll out of EUDAMED, a database that will contain information about all medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) placed on the EU market. The mandatory use of finalised parts of EUDAMED will support all key players in the implementation of the regulatory framework and enhance transparency for the public.

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