Life Sciences Commercialisation in Finland: Overview

Thomson Reuters Practical Law Life Sciences Global Guide 2023

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Life Sciences Regulation in Finland: Overview

A Q&A guide to life sciences regulation in Finland. This Q&A provides a high-level overview of key practical issues, including life sciences clinical trials, manufacturing, marketing, abridged procedure, pharmacovigilance, data privacy, packaging and labelling, biological medicines, medical devices, health care IT, combination products, borderlines, and natural health products. Read the Finland chapter we contributed: Life

Transparency Register Established in Finland: Lobbying Data Becomes Public

Gathering views from various stakeholders is an essential element of legislative processes. Influencing activities directed at law-making take place through both official and unofficial channels, and now transparency will be introduced also to unofficial influencing. The new Finnish Transparency Register Act has been ratified, and registration obligations on lobbyists and consultancy on lobbying begin in 2024.

Taking Control of In-house Procurement

On 23 May 2023, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority proposed that the Finnish Market Court would intervene in a direct procurement by the Wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava. According to the Authority, the Wellbeing services county’s procurement of HR services without tendering from Sarastia Oy was an illegitimate direct procurement, as the conditions for an in-house procurement were not met. With its enforcement action, the Authority seeks to clarify guidelines regarding the assessment of whether a contracting authority can be considered to exercise joint control in a separate entity, and hereby clarify when procurements from companies in which contracting entities have holdings are actually in-house.

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