Life Sciences Commercialisation in Finland: Overview

Thomson Reuters Practical Law Life Sciences Global Guide 2023

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New Legislation on Environmental Marketing: Sustainable Businesses Benefit from Ban on Greenwashing

New EU legislation on green claims will bring opportunities to sustainable businesses, although ensuring compliance with the new rules will require preparatory efforts from companies. As stricter and more detailed rules will apply to environmental claims and marketing, to prevent so-called greenwashing, companies with a genuinely sustainable product range will benefit from the new framework. Prohibition of greenwashing brings advantages to both consumers and businesses – and naturally to the environment.

The EU’s Pharmaceutical Legislation Reform

The European Union’s imminent pharmaceutical legislation reform aims to modernise its regulatory framework, focusing on improving patient access to medicines, fostering innovation, and minimising environmental impact. This strategic overhaul, set against a backdrop of industry challenges and evolving IP rights, underscores the EU’s commitment to balancing innovation with accessibility and sustainability in healthcare.

The European Parliament and the Council reach an agreement on European Health Data Space!

Towards a stronger European Health Union On March 15, 2024, the European Parliament and the Belgian Presidency of the Council reached a provisional political agreement on the European Health Data Space (EHDS) which is considered one of the central building blocks towards a stronger European Health Union. The upcoming EHDS aims to harness the full potential offered by the sharing, use, and re-use of health data, while ensuring full compliance with the data protection standards in the EU. This marks a significant milestone in the EU’s health data regulation.

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