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30 Mar


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In this issue the D&I Quarterly brings together insights on culture and strategy, a lot of talk about tech related legal hot topics, common European data spaces, old and new elements of cybersecurity, green marketing, state aid cases and smarter collaboration.

We hope that you will find these articles useful and interesting!

Let’s Sit Down on the Same Side of the Table!
“Despite wanting to be (and perhaps believing that we are) rational beings, each of us humans reacts emotionally in every situation.” Partner Jan Ollila writes about encounters.

How to be Strategic About Hybrid Working
A lot of talk has been going on around hybrid working. “We need be strategic about working from home policies and develop our hybrid working skills.” Managing Partner Gabrielle Dannberg writes.

D&I’s Innovation Powerhouse
We asked our Innovation Powerhouse Team Heads to share their predictions of the big trends and must-wins of 2023. This is what Jukka Lång, Anna Haapanen, Iiris Kivikari and Juli Mansnérus said.

Common European Data Spaces Being Developed in Strategic Economic Sectors
In the D&I Quarterlies of 2023 we will monitor closely the developments in each data space within the strategic economic sectors in addition to the horizontal data related regulations applicable across economic sectors.

EU’s Efforts to Clarify Rules on Green Marketing
“The EU Commission tackles issues specific to green marketing – which might not always be as green as it seems.” Associates Julia Vikström and Saara Heinonen write.

Old and New Elements of Cybersecurity
“Based on our experience, we predict that the increase of risks and malicious cyber attacks will just continue.” Partner Jukka Lång, Senior Associate Johanna Tuohino and Associate Julia Vikström compiled key takeaways of the old and new elements of cybersecurity.

We See State Aid Cases on the Rise
Cases related to unlawful state aid have previously been rare in Finland but lately have become more common. Partner Johan Åkermarck and Counsel Toni Kalliokoski write how such unlawful aid can cause serious distortion in the markets.

What the World Needs Now is Smarter Collaboration
Everyone talks about it, many companies have it proclaimed in their strategy and think they are already doing it, but do we really know how to make collaboration happen? Dr. Heidi K. Gardner, a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School shared her insights at D&I Afterwork.

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Vastuullisuus yrityskaupoissa

Dittmar & Indreniuksen laatima uusi opas “Vastuullisuus yrityskaupoissa” tarjoaa konkreettista ja käytännönläheistä tietoa siitä, millaisia vastuullisuuteen liittyviä asioita yritysten tulisi huomioida yrityskaupan eri vaiheissa. Lisäksi oppaassa käsitellään esimerkiksi hallituksen roolia ja vastuullisuuteen liittyviä verokysymyksiä. Opas on suunnattu erityisesti henkilöille, jotka haluavat saada kokonaiskuvan vastuullisuudesta osana yrityskauppoja.

The Data Act Approved by the European Parliament

Today, the European Parliament voted yes to formally approve the new Data Act. Following today’s vote, the Data Act is expected to apply in the EU as of autumn 2025 except for Article 3(1), the transition period of which is one year longer. The exact date of application will be confirmed once the Data Act is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

New Act Governing Permitting and Construction of Offshore Wind Power within the Finnish EEZ Under Preparation

The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has recently appointed a working group tasked to draft a new act that will govern permitting and construction of offshore wind power within Finland’s exclusive economic zone (the “Finnish EEZ“). The new act will provide an auction-based method for the purposes of granting project areas to interested developers as well as a new set of permits of offshore wind power projects in a situation where the existing legislation provides no functioning legal framework addressing these issues. No subsidies or other forms of State aid are planned to be offered.

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