Toni Kalliokoski in Defensor Legis 100th Anniversary Edition

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8 Oct


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Counsel Toni Kalliokoski wrote an article for the Finnish Bar Association’s 100th anniversary edition of the law journal Defensor Legis.

In his article Toni Kalliokoski writes about the development of the EU Court’s case law on damages claims for infringements of competition law over the past 20 years. The article (pdf) is published in Finnish.

Key insights:
  • The EU Court has established the possibility to claim damages for infringements of EU competition law, which has then become increasingly common in Europe. 
  • The Court has not been shy to overrule even fundamental aspects of national law if they endanger EU law. 
  • The judgments have been claimant-friendly, and have become somewhat bolder over time. 
  • The frequency of the judgments is increasing as competition damages claims become more common. 
  • These trends point to a more claimant-friendly competition damages regime in the EU, which will lead to more damages claims being brought.

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