Top Customer Experience Ratings for D&I in Prospera Law Firm Review 2020

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20 Feb


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In the KANTAR SIFO Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review 2020, D&I was ranked in TOP3 in several key customer experience -categories.

A total of 269 Finnish firms representing the largest purchasers of legal services in Finland were interviewed about their client satisfaction and views of the legal market in Finland. This year, D&I is ranked in TOP3 in the following qualitative customer experience -categories by the Tier 1A clients:


Project Management


Project Staffing


Strategic Speaking Partner


Personal Contacts


Client Understanding


Availability & Service


Forefront in Digitalisation

In Client Understanding D&I was ranked as the 1st by the same Tier 1A clients with a minumum legal fee volume of 600 000EUR last year. Further, in Forefront of Digitalisation D&I was ranked as the 1st in both Tier 1 (minimum fee volume of 150 000EUR last year) and Tier 1A clients. Being ranked as the leader in those categories – understanding our clients and in using digital services in Finland  – is a result of our strong vision and dedicated, collaborative work both inside the firm and together with our clients for supporting their business objectives and growth.

Reaching this position speaks volumes of our culture and our Powerhouse operative model.  This kind of feedback tells us that we are indeed on the right track and urges us to develop our customer experience, various processes and MyD&I further, ” says Katja Hollmén, Director of Client Relations.


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