Advice for Smart Insurance Product

Nordea Life Assurance Finland

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17 Jan


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Fast facts



We have worked closely with Nordea to create a new smart insurance product which is to become the flagship of the company’s insurance portfolio.

Nordea Life Assurance Finland, a part of the largest financial services company in the Nordic region, the Nordea Group, is driving the group’s digitization strategy with a pilot ICT project.

As part of the product launch, we have, among others, facilitated negotiations with the Data Protection Ombudsman and Nordea, drafted new contract templates, prepared and supported the outsourcing of data processing with Nordea service providers, carried out extensive data protection impact assessments, and provided on-going legal support for the large array of questions presented by Nordea on the way.

When implemented, the new insurance product will elevate the importance of data processing and, in more general terms, set forth a benchmark for future ICT and digitizing projects. As a result, the product is likely to gain wide media coverage once launched.

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