Helping create a new data-driven business for a leading clean-energy company

Fortum Corporation

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1 Jun


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We represent Fortum in the development of its smart building and sustainable living services.

The Smart Living concept is a flagship in the company’s service offering and is expected to shape how data driven building services are provided throughout the Nordics. We have worked closely with Fortum from the very beginning of its service development and advise them in matters related to Smart Living and the development of new contracting procedures.

Fortum has taken an exceptionally strong stance on privacy by design and transparent data processing. This stance reflects throughout its service development lifecycle and how all partnerships related to Fortum’s services are established and maintained. As a result, Fortum expects highly reliable, solution-oriented, business minded and long-term advice from its legal advisers. As part of the work, we have provided continuous and detailed guidance on accountable service development, including a broad range of impact assessments and privacy issue evaluations, and assisted in the partnership negotiations related to the service.

Fortum is a leading clean-energy company developing and offering solutions for its customers in electricity, heating, cooling, as well as solutions to improve resource efficiency. They also provide services for the power generation industry and solutions for consumers. Fortum has operations in 10 countries, with approx. 8,800 employees. Sales in 2017 amounted to EUR 4.5 billion. Fortum’s share is listed in NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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