Forestry & Paper

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As the demand for the traditional end products changes and new innovative products are being developed and introduced on the market, the forest and paper industry is in the midst of an exciting transformation.

A new focus on alternative uses of the raw material, such as innovative packaging and biofuel solutions, have recently lead to substantial investments globally and in Finland. The industry’s outlook in the midst of its unprecedented change remains optimistic and exciting.

We are actively involved in this established sector of Finnish industry and we have been engaged in a number of the most notable investments and divestitures of operations on the Finnish market.

Acting both for the global forest and paper industry players and for their suppliers gives us a unique insight into this changing market. We have also been engaged in some of the largest forest transactions, both in Finland, the Nordics and the Baltics.

We have been engaged by the global forestry and paper industry companies and their suppliers as counsel and dispute management support in disputes related to their operations not only in Finland but around the world.

We serve our forestry and paper industry clients in their legal matters based on our integrated full-service D&I Powerhouse model. This ensures each of our clients access to the best team and specialist expertise in their specific legal needs.


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