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D&I Quarterly

Step in

Two significant Supreme Administrative Court decisions on debt push downs

Alert / 16 Dec 2021

New favourable tax rules on employee share issues in unlisted companies

Alert / 9 Dec 2020

New possibilities for unlisted companies to engage their personnel

Alert / 9 Jun 2020

The Supreme Administrative Court issued new precedents on transfer pricing and on utilization of final losses

Alert / 24 Apr 2020

The Supreme Administrative Court issues a landmark decision on transfer tax

Alert / 24 Sep 2019

Two Government proposals on international taxation

Alert / 21 Dec 2018

New CFC rules require review of corporate structures

Alert / 6 Nov 2018

Government proposal on new interest limitation rules in Finland

Alert / 27 Sep 2018

Draft Government proposal on international tax dispute resolution mechanisms

Alert / 29 Aug 2018

Draft Goverment proposal on CFC rules and general anti-abuse rule

Alert / 8 Aug 2018