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D&I Quarterly ‚Äď Step in

Liability for Data Protection Fines ‚Äď Who Ends Up with the Bill?

Article / 22 Jun 2021

Disputes for Breakfast: Force majeure ‚Äď so last season?

Event / 11 May 2021

Private equity investor fined for portfolio company's competition infringement

Alert / 12 Apr 2021

Tietosuojavastuut ja yritysjärjestelyt

Event / 27 Apr 2021

Mehil√§inen's acquisition of Pihlajalinna lapsed in the Market Court ‚Äď The purchase offer's term of acceptance ran out during the process

Alert / 29 Dec 2020

Numerous Important Changes Proposed to Finnish Competition Act

Alert / 10 Nov 2020