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22 Jun


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Before joining Futurice as their Legal Counsel in 2017, Teemu Oksanen worked with passion at Dittmar & Indrenius for several years. At D&I Teemu specialised in environmental law, real estate and energy related matters, but advised clients also regularly on technology related matters as well as on general contract and commercial law. We met Teemu and asked him about the new and intriguing beginnings and challenges in his life.


From One Great Place to Work for to Another – What Made You Choose Futurice?

I really enjoyed my four years at D&I and its superb family-like working environment. I was not looking for a new job, but the opportunity made a thief. After several discussions with Futuriceans, I was convinced of their truly unique culture and decided to try my wings as an in-house counsel.

D&I and Futurice actually share the very essence of their cultures: the real trust in their employees and low hierarchy. After having worked at D&I, a strong company culture was and is always going to be a must for me.

What Are the Most Challenging and Inspiring Things About Working at Futurice?

Freedom is one the key elements of Futurice’s company culture. Futurice comprises of over 380 builders, innovators and change-makers who all are free to make any decisions by themselves as long as they are based on our 3×2 model. All they must do is to consider how the decision would affect their colleagues, the customer and the company financials – now and in the future.

I think that this freedom is the key to our success – everyone wants to give their best effort to the common goal. On the other hand, the freedom also means great lack of binding rules which can sometimes be a little frustrating for us lawyers.

What Legal Issues or Challenges Have You Got Coming Up on the Horizon Over the Next Few Months?

To be prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation is indubitably the most essential challenge for every corporate counsel this year. It will definitely be a challenge, but we also see great business opportunities it could provide us and our dear customers. Otherwise, the horizon for a lawyer in digital transformation business is wide and always somewhat unclear. An agile company needs an agile lawyer prepared to take on challenges and react quickly.

In the Era of Technology Revolution, How Do You Manage to Keep Your Head in the Game at Futurice?

Be curious. Ask why. Be agile.

The digitalization of the world and businesses is still in its infancy. But the change is ever-accelerating, and the legal framework is and always will be steps behind the real world. As a lawyer, I must note the legal risks in a project, but I am not here to shoot down any futuristic ideas our designers and developers may have by simply saying that something cannot be legally done. Instead, I want to be part of the team finding a legitimate way to turn those ideas into life-changing actions. As we like to say it: Love the problem, not the solution.

We Believe Here at D&I That Trust Is Paramount and Futurice Is a Company Built on Trust. What Does It Mean For You?

Futurice is indeed built on the foundation of trust. Many say that trust is an honour to be earned. We don’t think that way. We think trust is given, not earned, because in order to be trusted you have to start by trusting the others. When you place absolute trust in a person, the threshold to misuse it is extremely high – doing something that would result in losing trust is not even an option.

Be curious.
Ask why.
Be agile.

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Katja Hollmén

Director, Client Experience & Communications [email protected] +358 50 573 7396

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