Dasos Capital Oy and CapMan Plc join forces

Dasos Capital Oy and the Sellers

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22 Dec


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We advise the shareholders of Dasos Capital Oy (“Dasos”) in a share exchange transaction whereby Dasos and CapMan Plc (“CapMan”) join forces to accelerate natural capital and timberland investment strategies together.

Dasos is a leading timberland and natural capital investment asset manager in Europe and a significant player globally. Dasos focuses on managing sustainable timberland investments, natural sites and forest carbon sinks, as well as developing value in Europe and emerging markets. The investors in the funds managed by Dasos are domestic and foreign institutions, mainly pension and insurance companies. At present, Dasos manages seven funds, which have a total asset value of approximately EUR 1.4 billion and which manage 266,000 hectares of forest in eight countries.

Completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approval.

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