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The industrial sector is large and diverse with many complex regulatory environments, however, its players face similar challenges. As the digital supply chains and 3D printing become a part of daily operations, industrial and chemicals industry manufacturers have to be agile and ready to reshape their strategies.

Our industrial sector portfolio represents both large domestic companies as well as the world’s leading industrial companies covering, in addition to automotive, aviation, forestry and paper, also the following sectors: building materials, chemicals, electronics, engineering, manufacturing, metals and multi-industry.

We have particular insight and understanding not only of legal issues but also of the relevant business segments of the industrial sector. Our commercial understanding brings another dimension to legal advice which is highly valued by clients.

We advise our clients in implementing their strategies and assist in making acquisitions, divestments and negotiating agreements. We have extensive experience also in IPR disputes, chemical regulatory issues, chemicals related liability issues as well as related environmental matters.

We serve our clients in their legal matters based on our integrated full-service D&I Powerhouse model. This ensures the best team and specialisation for each client in their legal matters.


Anders Carlberg

Senior Partner

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